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President’s Greetings

Dear members of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers (KSAE), The KSAE was founded in 1957. KSAE has been the most influential organization in the field of Agricultural Engineering. I feel very honored to be a member of them and work with all colleagues in KSAE. I will undertake my responsibility and serve KSAE earnestly during my tenure.

When I am running for the 34th president, I am proposing the vision and goals of the society in order to prepare for the future for the next 60 years and open up the future for the foundation of the society. I would like to try my best to play a role in realizing mutual friendship and benefit. In addition, for exploring ways in which the science and technology of agricultural engineering can contribute to our future society including the role of our society in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution and Saemangeum Reclamation Project, I would like to remind you of my plan as follows.

First, I will do my best to find new growth engines in the field of agricultural engineering, ultimately, by reforming our standing committees and professional committees to meet the future society and actively supporting more members to participate in them.

Second, in order to promote the social fellowship and the interest of our members of the society, I will create various participation conditions such as forum for future agricultural engineering, symposium on social issues, establishment of branch office.

Third, I will revise the composition and contents of the Magazine of Rural and Resources to be close to members and do my best efforts to register our journal to SCOPUS.

Fourth, I would like to organize and run to be our annual conference in an novelty way for all of our members to prepare and participate together.

My esteemed colleagues,

Based on my experience at our society, I would like to express my best efforts to open the way for the KSAE to be a future-oriented network society for our all members needed for a new future society. I am seeking your continuous cooperation and support, as well as your valued criticism. And I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who trust me.

I wish you great health and success.


Seong Joon Kim
President, KSAE
Konkuk University

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